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Find us amidst the Kinabatangan Forest Reserve, the most enchanting protected area in Sabah, Borneo. 

Situated atop a hill, The Last Frontier Boutique Resort is the only lodging of its kind in the area. It not only boasts unique views, of both the surrounding primary rainforest and the river below, but also delivers premium service and world class accommodation.

The resort is perfect for a romantic getaway, a relaxing detox or even as part of your next family adventure. Don’t forget to enquire about our Kids and Teens rates, those who choose to visit with their children will be warmly welcomed. Igniting the spark in the next generation is essential towards saving this unique, yet decreasing, tropical rainforest.

Owners, Gert (Belgian) and Jason (Malaysian), are a highly passionate duo dedicated in doing all they can to conserve this slice of paradise. The only access to The Last Frontier Boutique Resort is by ascending a 250m long staircase leading through the luscious forest and over calm streams. In building these steps they were able to preserve the undulating terrain of the forest, leaving the natural habitat of the rarest wildlife in Southeast Asia virtually undisturbed.

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